Jack Socket ElectraStim Blowjob Masturbator

Jack Socket Stroker ($118)

The most advanced cock sucking toy yet made, this is the first blowjob stroker to employ electrical stimulation to supercharge your cock whilst it is being stroked to out of this world climaxes. The soft and realistic ribbed masturbation sleeve will gently massage and tease your cock, whilst electrical currents penetrate your skin to provide an ultra-intense erotic sensation.


Lovehoney O Force Male Vibrator

o-forceO Force ($49)

A powerful and unique male vibrator that has its opening shaped like a mouth, and which invites you to let it caress and manipulate your head, in the manner of a blowjob rather than a traditional penetrative stroker, as it buzzes your penis, sending a thrill from the tip right down to your balls.

Re-chargeable and hand-held, this super masturbation toy feels like a combination of blowjob toy, male stroker, and a male vibrator all in one.


The Perfect Stroke Mouth

perfect-strokePerfect Stroke Mouth ($64)

The Perfect Stroke Mouth is an exciting new blowjob stroker that makes use of a patented new technology that allows you to start using the toy when your penis is still flaccid. Using ‘Accumulated Technology’, the Perfect Stroke works in a similar way to a penis pump to enable your floppy penis to enter the stroker and then feel the sensation of having it sucked all the way from initial pre-erection to shooting your load!


Double Play Mouth and Vagina Masturbator

double-play-mouth-vagina-masturbatorDouble Play Masturbator ($15)

If you don’t find the blowjob sensation from the mouth of this cheap double-ended masturbator convincing, you can always try the vagina at the other end of the toy.  The inner canal measures six inches in length.


Super Tongue Cock Hunter Oral Sex Blowjob Masturbator from Japan

super-tongue-cock-hunterSuper Tongue Cock Hunter ($15)

A beautiful cock sucking toy masturbator from Japan that is an onahole with a tongue that actually licks your penis as you slide in and out.

For only $15, this is an amazing little Japanese sex toy.

The tongue has nubs and ridges that grip your penis thanks to the stretchy nature of the masturbator and its clever design.  It really does feel as though you are having your cock licked and sucked!



Doc Johnson Robosuck 3

robosuck3Robosuck 3 ($74)

Sophisticated 2 in 1 penis pump and cock sucking masturbator.  This impressive penis pump will suck you to new erection size and hardness!  Slide your way into the super soft UR3 realistic skin pussy and let the vacuum sucking action make your penis grow!


Automatic Cock Sucking Toy

Autoblow Cock Sucking Toy

Click the banner above to learn more about the Robotic Blowjob Automatic Cock Sucking Toy

There are a number of automatic cock sucking toys to be found online these days – mechanical sex devices which are built to provide you with a realistic blowjob on demand.  The truth is, most of these toys are cheap and of poor quality, and will either not work or break after a few uses.

The Autoblow, however, is an authentic automatic cock sucking toy that delivers the goods time and time again for one initial outlay of just under $100.  It has quickly become one of the best-selling male sex toys of all time, probably second only to the Fleshlight and the Tenga Flip Hole.


Smart Sucking Penis Pump

smart-penisSmart Pump ($70)

The most advanced penis pump in the world, this is also a sophistacted cock sucking toy, with three levels of suction power at the touch of a button.

Get your cock sucked AND see it grow to sizes you’ve never dreamed of before.  At just $70, this is as much an investment in your sex life as much as a sex toy.


Fleshlight Cock Sucking Toys

make the most popular male sex toys in the world, and their famous range includes masturbates designed to mimic the look and feel of oral sex. Beautiful lips modelled on real pornstars invite you to experience the sensation of deep throat/blowjob action within a tightly ribbed love canal. In the words of Fleshlight themselves :

The mouth is one of the many orifices we feature in our line of Fleshlight sleeves. The varying textures imitate the feeling of a soft mouth, inviting you to slip inside the canal and re-create the natural wonder at will. Fellatio has taken a new place in society in recent decades, increasingly securing itself a position as one of the most salacious and desired sexual acts. Its rise to the top of the sex game has been a fascinating one. Oral sex was historically ritualized, celebrated and pontificated by ancient cultures. The Kama Sutra reveled in it. Chinese Taoism believed it enhanced longevity. Romans used it to punish thieving strangers.



Rotobator Ass

pdx-roto-batorPDX Rotobator ($109)

One of the most advanced of male masturbators, this masturbation machine from PDX rotates around your cock as you pump in and out, creating a sublime cock sucking sensation.  I’ve heard mixed reviews though – some people love this toy while others didn’t get anything out of it.