LoveHoney Head Master

LoveHoney Head Master – $19 at LoveHoney (View Product)

LoveHoney Head Master

Intended as a vibrating blowjob stroker, the Head Master has earned some very positive reviews already, and at only $19.99 this is a toy that oral sex fans might want to think about trying.

The rings running around the outside of the stroker make it easy to grip, whilst the inside are soft nubs that grip and tease the penis as you slide the stroker up and down.

Being open ended, it’s obviously very easy to clean. The vibrating bullet insert buzzes you close to the inner surface of the sleeve, and the toy can clearly be rotated very easily so that the vibration hits the exact point of your penis head (or shaft) that you want it too.

Tenga Deep Throat Toy

Tenga Deep Throat Toy – $12.99 at LoveHoney (View Product)

tenga deep throat

There’s no doubt that Japanese sex toy company ‘Tenga’ make the most realistic cock sucking masturbators on the market. Tenga’s toys create the sucking sensation through the use of very clever design that utilises vacuum pressure. With the Tenga Deep Throat, the toy has been shaped with a tapered design in the middle. This not only makes the toy very easy to grip as you slide it up and down, it serves to combine with the vacuum pressure to ‘pull’ the penis in. The result is something very close to a delicious blowjob. At only $12, every blowjob toy fan ought to have one of these under his bed.

You can also buy a more expensive vacuum pressure controller to go with it, allowing you to have full control over the cock sucking sensation. An ‘ultra’ edition is also available for those lucky enough to have above average sized penises.