Blowmotion Auto Suction Masturbator

Blowjob Automatic Male Suction Masturbator

Blowmotion Automatic Sucker (Lovehoney – $75)

World leading sex toy retailers and brand Lovehoney have muscled in on the automatic blowjob masturbator market with this ‘Blowmotion’ (one of several in a new range) auto cock sucker. This is indeed an exciting new range of blowjob imitators and the toys already been well received by customers and reviewers. This particular model is the cheapest of the bunch at $74.99, and for that mid-range price, it delivers just about the performance and value you would expect.

As well as two different speeds of sucking, the toy has ten different vibration modes. There are many vibrating cock suckers on the market, but the one’s that deliver tend to be premium models costing over $100. This is cheaper and to be honest, looks cheaper too, but it really does deliver.

Gripes might be that the two sucking speeds might not be enough for many people who require something a bit stronger and faster in order to be blown to ejaculation. As the toy itself moves up and down your penis, you will probably need to give it a steadying hand, so it’s not really the hands free blowjob toy that it is claimed (although this is true of just about every blowjob machine toy, including the more expensive ones).

Not the perfect automatic cock sucking toy, but at this price, a very good try, and certainly one to consider if you want top notch vibrations to go along with the suck.