Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Masturbator Review

Blowmotion suction male masturbator

Blowmotion Suction Masturbator (Lovehoney Store – $149)

The Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Male Masturbator resembles a Fleshlight but it’s designed to mimic the feeling of a great blowjob. It’s four inches long with soft ridges and bumps all along the inside canal. There are three buttons that let you control the speed, pattern, and power of the two bullet vibrators embedded inside.

Blowjob Suction Power Can Easily Be Adjusted

What this toy really has going for it is the suction that it offers you. There’s a cap at the top of the plastic case that you can screw and unscrew. That’s going to change the amount of suction that the toy generates while you slide it up and down your shaft. That, along with the vibrations and rechargeable battery makes it a great blowjob simulator.

Customer Reviews – Great Sucking Sensations But Imperfect Design

The reviews for the Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Male Masturbator are great when it comes to the sensations you can get out of this toy. The problems start coming up when customers talk about the design. It can be extremely difficult to clean. On top of that, there are wires connected to the cap at the top, with electrodes. That means you have to be careful to avoid causing damage to the battery by getting them wet while you’re using or cleaning it.

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