FondLove Automatic Suck Toy

Automatic Male Vibrator Sucker

Automatic Vibrating Suck Toy (Bestvibe – $45)

A simple to use, but beautifully designed and sophisticated automatic male vibrator that has 3 different suction modes to complement its 9 different vibration settings.

This exquisitely designed toy might represent another leap forward for blowjob masturbators and male vibrators. Easy to handle, simple to operate, powerful to feel, and delightful to enjoy. Dual motors lie beneath its ergonomic and smooth silicone contours, providing a powerful buzz whose 9 different settings can easily be controlled with the touch of a button (whilst comfortably holding the toy in place).

But here’s the really special part. The vibrations are just part of the story – it comes with three different suction modes too, that can be used in a variety of combinations with the vibrations.

And despite selling for under $50, this is certainly no ordinary vibrating male suck toy. First of all, it comes with intelligent self-heating technology, to accurately mimic the feel of a woman’s mouth. Even more exciting is that the sucking effect relies on a new kind of process called ‘pump breathing technology’.

pump breathing technology - vibrating male suck toy

One of the most exciting new male sex toys of 2019, this innovative oral sex is certainly great value for money for men looking for an authentic automatic blowjob experience.