Leten Automatic Sucking Stroker

Leten Automatic Male Sucker 3 large with box

Upgraded Automatic Sucking From Leten (Bestvibe – $77)

An affordable but effective automatic sucking machine that uses ring of soft beads to exert pressure up and down your penis to simulate a blowjob motion.

Many ‘blowjob machines’ make use of the system of beaded rings that gently squeeze your penis while encased in a masturbation sleeve, as they glide up and down – creating a sucking motion. While the technique was made famous by the original Autoblow toy and the many cheap imitators it spawned, this upgraded Leten version shows just how such automatic cock sucking mastubrators have moved on.

The Leten automatic cock sucking vibrating masturbator has 9 different modes in total for you to play around with, a visible window that lets you see what’s going on inside the toy as the beads move up and down. Fully waterproof, quite in operation, and with a simple to use button interface, this exciting and cutting edge masturbator combines vibration and sucking into one sophisticated toy that is sure to provide an endless variety of masturbation pleasure.