Lovehoney Hot Shot Oral Sex

Lovehoney Hot Shot oral sex toy

Lovehoney Hot Shot Masturbator (Lovehoney – $79)

One of Lovehoney’s most sophisticated attempts at an oral sex toy for men to date. This elegant male vibrator has been designed to mimic the delicious sensations of your cock being teased, licked and sucked. It actually self-heats to a realistic temperature as you use it. The lifelike sensations are improved upon my both vibrations and pulses that have 6 different patterns and three different intensity levels to play around with.

A surprisingly compact and portable toy, it’s earned some great reviews from satisfied customers, although truth be told, its value lies more as a vibrating masturbator, rather than an authentic cock sucking toy.

It does grip the head of the penis tightly, and very, very pleasantly, and there is a pleasing suction mode, but there are better choices at this price if you are searching for an ultra-realistic blowjob imitator, but not much better out there if you want a male vibrator that nibbles and teases your penis tip!