Optimum Power Turbo Stroker

Optimum Power Turbo Male Stroker

Optimum Turbo Vibrating Male Stroker (Vibrators – $99)

A number of blowjob strokers on the market utilize the stroking beads method of ‘sucking’ your penis. A ring or ring of soft beads slide up and down the exterior of a masturbation sleeve housed in a case, exerting a pressure as it glides along your penis that resembles a blowjob – depending on how effective it works.

Some of these toys are cheap trash, while others are overpriced for what they deliver. The Optimum Turbo Stroker falls happily between the two. At under $100 (sometimes even less if discounted), the toy employs the bead tech to great effect, producing a reasonably priced cock sucking toy in which the beads contract enough to produce a strong enough sensation, while also managing to be reasonably quiet (or as quiet as these beaded sucking machines go).

The masturbation sleeve itself is also superior to most of the other beaded strokers, consisting of patented life-like SoftTouch material.

Comes with free lube, which is fortunate as it does need generous lubing for the best effect.