Orctan Rechargeable Silicone Roller Male Masturbator Review

Orctan Roller BJ Masturbator

Orctan Roller (Lovehoney Store – $219)

The Orctan Rechargeable Silicone Roller Male Masturbator prides itself on being a silent but powerful sex toy that makes every session feel just like real oral sex. It’s created with super-silent motors that offer you nine different modes of play that can suit any type of blowjob you could ever want. It’s easy to clean, fun to use, and very simply to figure out. Just slide your penis between the two silicone roller and the sex toy will take care of the rest!

Specific Areas of Stimulation

The greatest strength of this oral sex simulator can also be its biggest drawback. The rollers are designed to focus on the head of your penis and your frenulum. That makes it perfect for any penis size and focuses the simulation right where you get the most out of it. The problem is that you won’t get that full, deep throating feeling that lots of men prefer from their oral sex.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are highly positive for this toy. It’s mentioned that it’s a simply toy that gives you a lot of stimulation. It’s also noted that it’s a blowjob simulator that’s designed for a softer blowjob experience, not a hard oral session.

The Orctan Rechargeable Roller costs $219 (sometimes discounted) from the Lovehoney sex toy store