Virtual Mate Intimacy Machine

Virtual Mate girl 2

Virtual Mate (Virtual Mate Store – $399)

The Virtual Mate is more than just an advanced automatic masturbator. It’s a ‘virtual intimacy’ machine that creates your ideal girlfriend who you can then experience having sex with through the masturbator. And that includes having your cock sucked expertly by your new AI lover. You can even base your virtual girlfriend on the photo of a real person, but of course only with that person’s explicit consent given to the Virtual Mate company. The virtual girl will learn what you like and what you respond to. Just like a real girlfriend, she will get better at sucking your dick over time as she learns just what makes a perfect blowjob for you. Unlike most other male sex toys you buy, this actually gets better and ‘upgrades’ itself over time. Not only because the AI intelligence learns from your sex sessions with your ‘virtual mate’, but because regular software updates improve the algorithms and performance of the toy.

To be clear in case you are struggling to get your head around what this amazing toy can do. An AI girlfriend is generated for you by the software. You can choose a pornstar (that the company own the copyright to), a completely artificially generated girlfriend (mate), or even a real person provided you have their consent. You then interact in real time with your virtual mate on a PC screen, smartphone, or even inside virtual reality, while the masturbator perfectly synchs with your virtual mate’s actions on the screen. True virtual sex has arrived in the shape of this revolutionary new high tech sex toy.

VM First Virtual Intimacy Game

The Handy Blowjob Machine

The Handy

The Handy (The Handy Store – $199)

Easily the most talked about sex toy for men in 2020. This is pretty much as good as a cock sucking toy has ever gotten. We we promised the perfect blowjob machine for many years with the Autoblow, but it never delivered. The Handy delivers and more – and for around the same price! Sleek and elegant, easy to use and easy to grip. You can not only change the sucking speed with the Handy, you can adjust the length of each stroke too. You can even adjust your grip!

The sucking speed of the Handy is smooth and quiet, and can be easily adjusted to your exact liking from 0 – 10 strokes per second! The length of each of those strokes can also be adjusted from 0 – 4.3 inches. Created by Norwegian engineers, it’s as though the designers took apart every other automatic stroker and ‘blowjob machine’ to date, and worked out how to deliver one that really lives up to its promise and does everything you’d want from such a toy.

It looks and operates pretty much unlike any other sucking masturbator that’s gone before. The sleeve is actually outside the toy, attached by a band. In practical terms, this makes it even easier and more comfortable to use, whether you are lying down, sitting, or standing. The designers have made use of a patented TrueGrip technology that easily allows you to adjust your grip to range from soft to firm.

All this adds up to ability to tailor the experience into the perfect blowjob, just the way you want it. And the possibilities for variety and experimentation are clearly endless.

If these aren’t enough reasons for you to consider the Handy as your cock sucking toy of choice, then don’t ignore the fact that it is also a remote sex toy. This means that a partner, or a long distance lover, or even a webcam girl, can operate the Handy remotely with her smartphone app, for virtual sex! It can also be synched with porn videos, including a huge variety of virtual reality porn movies.

If this sounds like too much of a gushing review, then all I can say is that I’ve tried this toy, I’ve spoken to others who have tried it, and read countless feedback from other customers. And I don’t think I’ve ever come across any male toy, let alone a cock sucking toy, that has promised so much and delivered it all.

Kiiroo Titan Haptic Sucker

Kiiroo Titan BJ Haptic Toy

Titan (Kiiroo – $149)

The Titan is one of the most advanced internet/haptic male masturbators you can buy, and it’s also possibly the best such toy you can use as a realistic blowjob imitator.

The three rows of bullet vibrators that pulse along the length of the advanced, ribbed inner sleeve, can be set to ‘blowjob mode’, creating an extremely convincing sensation of you penis being gently sucked.

Because the Titan is a ‘haptic’ interractive sex toy, it can by synchronized with porn videos (including virtual reality porn), 3D and VR sex games, as well as controlled remotely online by a lover or even a webcam girl.

Inside the Kiiroo Titan

Everything about this ground breaking toy has been intelligently designed, from the ribbed casing that ensures a comfortable non-slip grip, to the six different vibration modes that cover everything from a blowjob to stamina training.

It has three different ribbed sleeves for you to try.

The Titan is among the most advanced, as well as best value for money, male sex toys for :

  • Long distance relationships
  • Virtual reality sex including blowjobs
  • Stamina training
  • A vibrating masturbator

Titan - product description

There are currently over 4,000 videos you can use the Kiiroo Titan with in order to feel the action as you watch it, including in virtual reality at VirtualRealPorn.