Thrust Pro Mini Ruby Blowjob Mouth

Thrust Pro Mini Ruby

Mini Ruby Blowjob Mouth (Lovehoney – $19)

A realistic blowjob mouth with a luxurious and textured canal made of ribs and dots. As well as soft and luxurious on the inside, it’s also soft and easy to grip and squeeze on the outside.

Ruby’s luscious and realistic lips coax you into her tight but welcoming inner sleeve. The toy is open-ended for ease of cleaning. It is also easy to add a bullet vibrator to the base if you like to be vibrated as well as sucked.

For such a cheap and affordable masturbator, this is is a surprisingly high quality oral sex toy. The material compares well with the Fleshlight, and the ribbed and convulating inner canal has been impressively designed to stimulate the real sensation of a good blowjob.

Definitely a contender for the title of best cock sucking toy at under $20!

Kiiroo Titan Haptic Sucker

Kiiroo Titan BJ Haptic Toy

Titan (Kiiroo – $149)

The Titan is one of the most advanced internet/haptic male masturbators you can buy, and it’s also possibly the best such toy you can use as a realistic blowjob imitator.

The three rows of bullet vibrators that pulse along the length of the advanced, ribbed inner sleeve, can be set to ‘blowjob mode’, creating an extremely convincing sensation of you penis being gently sucked.

Because the Titan is a ‘haptic’ interractive sex toy, it can by synchronized with porn videos (including virtual reality porn), 3D and VR sex games, as well as controlled remotely online by a lover or even a webcam girl.

Inside the Kiiroo Titan

Everything about this ground breaking toy has been intelligently designed, from the ribbed casing that ensures a comfortable non-slip grip, to the six different vibration modes that cover everything from a blowjob to stamina training.

It has three different ribbed sleeves for you to try.

The Titan is among the most advanced, as well as best value for money, male sex toys for :

  • Long distance relationships
  • Virtual reality sex including blowjobs
  • Stamina training
  • A vibrating masturbator

Titan - product description

There are currently over 4,000 videos you can use the Kiiroo Titan with in order to feel the action as you watch it, including in virtual reality at VirtualRealPorn.

Sue Johanson Head Honcho

Sue Johanson Head Honcho

Head Honcho Male Masturbator (Lovehoney – $19)

The Sue Johanson Head Honcho has been around for years, still costs less than $20, yet it’s still one of my favorite (as well as that of many other male sex toy fans) favorite masturbators, including when I want a sucking like effect. Yes, it has a ‘pussy lips’ opening rather than a mouth, but the delicious jelly like material together with its richly textured nodules that run along thee ‘suction cavities’, each with their own pattern, means that it grips tightly and gives you a really nice sucking type feeling as you slide it up and down your shaft.

The flexible material and 0.25 CM opening cavity means that it grips snugly and securely just about any sized man.

Lubed up well, even the squelching noise it makes is rather realistic!

A great cock sucking toy, and still after all these years, one of the best male masturbators you can buy, and probably the best by far at this price.

Lovehoney Hot Shot Oral Sex

Lovehoney Hot Shot oral sex toy

Lovehoney Hot Shot Masturbator (Lovehoney – $79)

One of Lovehoney’s most sophisticated attempts at an oral sex toy for men to date. This elegant male vibrator has been designed to mimic the delicious sensations of your cock being teased, licked and sucked. It actually self-heats to a realistic temperature as you use it. The lifelike sensations are improved upon my both vibrations and pulses that have 6 different patterns and three different intensity levels to play around with.

A surprisingly compact and portable toy, it’s earned some great reviews from satisfied customers, although truth be told, its value lies more as a vibrating masturbator, rather than an authentic cock sucking toy.

It does grip the head of the penis tightly, and very, very pleasantly, and there is a pleasing suction mode, but there are better choices at this price if you are searching for an ultra-realistic blowjob imitator, but not much better out there if you want a male vibrator that nibbles and teases your penis tip!

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Boost


Fleshlight Quickshot (Lovehoney – $39)

A mid-range compact and portable open-ended stroker from Fleshlight, the sleeve composed of nodule filled SuperSkyn material that is soft and pleasing and feels like a blowjob as you stroke it up and down your penis.

A good choice for Fleshlight fans looking for a simple to use, compact and easy to clean masturbator that feels like a blowjob. It doesn’t have any fake mouth and neither is it marketed as a blowjob toy, but just slide your penis in at either end, and stroke it up and down and it’s about as effective for fullfiling your cock sucking fantasies as most other masturbators under $50. Having said that, there are even cheaper alternatives, including actual blowjob mimicking toys that work just as well. Open ended strokers like this work best of all as aids to oral sex with a partner.

Where To Buy Blowjob Toys

The Autoblow website sells several different incarnations of their famous blowjob machine, including the latest ‘A.I.’ version. Products are often available at discounted prices.

Autoblow AI Action

Kanojo Toys is the biggest seller of Japanese sex toys for the Western market. You can find so many weird and wonderful Japanese masturbators here, including many varieties of blowjob and cock sucking toys.

Kanojo Toys Banner

BestVibe are in touch with some of the most innovative Chinese sex toy manufacturers and the very latest and best new blowjob machines are usually on sale here first before anywhere else. Free, fast, and discreet shipping to anywhere in the world for orders over $49, this is an easy to navigate sex toy store with products and delivery that you can trust.

Lovehoney are the biggest sex toy shop online, with independent websites and distribution centers in the USA, the UK, and Europe. They have a huge selection of sex toys for men, but mostly only stock the more popular cheap blowjob imitation sleeves.

Lovehoney Blow Job Toys

Fleshlight Turbo Blowjob Masturbator

Fleshlight blowjob toy

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust (Lovehoney – $69)

The most successful attempt yet by Fleshlight to mimic the feel of oral sex on your dick.

Fleshlight’s best attempt yet at making the ultimate cock sucking masturbation sleeve! Load this richly nubbed transparent stroker up with lube, slide it up and down your penis shaft, close your eyes and feel yourself being given a deliciously sloppy blowjob by the girl of your dreams!

The inner sleeve canal is as complex and lavishly nubbed as you would expect from Fleshlight. You can see some of the detail from the image below :

The sleeve grips tightly and yet comfortably around your shaft, but the best bit is perhaps the ‘tongue’ that gently licks your member as you slide your penis into the sleeve.

The sleeve also has a small hole at the end which enables it to be easily cleaned.

This is a radical departure from the traditional Fleshlight sleeves, with great care and attention put into the design of an authentic blowjob imitation masturbator. It’s one of the best customer reviewed Fleshlights on the market, and appears to deliver on its promise to male fans of oral sex toys.

Only Tenga can rival this blowjob toy for an authentic non-mechanical cock sucking experience. Offered at a great price ($69) at LoveHoney with the bonus that you get 20% off if you buy it with another Fleshlight.

LoveHoney Head Master

LoveHoney Head Master

Love Honey Head Master (Lovehoney – $12)

Intended as a cheap value for money blowjob stroker, the Head Master has earned some very positive reviews already, and at only $12.99 this is a toy that oral sex fans don’t have much excuse for not trying!

The rings running around the outside of the stroker make it easy to grip, whilst the inside are soft nubs that grip and tease the penis as you slide the stroker up and down.

Being open ended, it’s obviously very easy to clean. You can get countless uses out of this great value for money toy. Just take it with you on your travels, or keep under the bed for those times you wake up with morning wood and just want some blowjob sexual relief with no hassle and little effort!